Sitting by your desk you decide to listen to some music. You open then familiar Spotify application, browses through the vast amount of music and decide what you want to jam to. But something is different. Resting on the desk is an unfamiliar device. The square shaped device brings forward associations of record players. But it is clearly not one. It has a moveable rod similar to the tone arm on a record player, but in the place of the stylus, a toroid shaped piece of wood concludes the rod. In the spot where one would expect a record to be placed a perforated container filled with a transparent greenish liquid catches you eye. Right beneath the container there is a small switch with an inscription that reads “Privacy mode”. As you press the play icon in the Spotify application the arm on the device swings in over the container in a movement similar to the one of an automatic record player. As the arm concludes its movement the underside of wooden toroid light up, illuminating the liquid. As the light turns on the liquid starts to stir. After half a minute the light turns off, the liquid settles down and rod returns to its initial placement. The song ends. As the next song in the queue starts, the arm swing back over the liquid and once again illuminates the spinning liquid. Before the song ends you slide the privacy switch to on and Spotify stops transmitting data. As the next song comes on the device remains still. You slide the switch off, and the arm begins its journey towards to the liquid. Over the next weeks the liquid has turn from its initial transparent greenish tint to an opaque deep moss green color.
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