Machined is an experiment in small scale CNC manufacturing. Manufacturing technology that has historically been reserved for large scale industrial production are increasingly becoming available to small scale designers and makers. However, with them they bring a specific aesthetic, from black lasercut edges to the layered surface of 3D prints. Machined is an attempt to embrace the limitations and characteristics of these technologies as design possibilities for a novel aesthetic - a machined aesthetic. 
Just like the handmade object crafted by the artisan worker bears the mark of his hand the machined object can send a subtle nod to the machine that gave birth to it. 
For these objects, a set of sushi serving plates, this nod is the delicate pattern left behind by the CNC endmill directed by an adaptive cutting algorithms. This gives rise to an aesthetic that is a mix of craftsmanship and technology, not as opposites but as complimentary parts of a combined whole.
Vessels: Modeled in CAD, Machined on CNC in Pine.
Chopsticks: Hand-carved in Japanese cherry wood. 
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